Meet Our Pastor

Ed Jones

Ed Jones spent 23 years in the US Air Force as a Russian linguist. Upon retirement in 1989, Ed took a position as a management educator and consultant with GTE. In 1999, he started his own consulting business working with clients such as Texas A&M University, Verizon, and the US Air Force.

That same year, Ed began volunteering at Denton Bible in their Missions Department. He went on several mission trips to Russia where he preached, taught, mentored, helped run a Christian Children’s Camp in Ferapontovo, and witnessed the Lord with inmates of a maximum security prison in Cherepovets. He taught Christian Leadership in Denton Bible’s Missionary Training Institute.

He spent 8 ½ years on staff at Denton Bible Church in various capacities. Having completed the Bible Training Center for Pastors program, the Elders of Denton Bible commissioned Ed to Christian Ministry.

After Denton Bible, Ed served briefly as Chaplain, Denton Calvary Academy, then General Manager, Twice as Nice Resale serving Woman to Woman Pregnancy Resource Center.

In 2016, Fellowship at the Ranch Church contacted Ed to see if he would be interested in being a candidate to serve as their pastor. After vetting numerous candidates, he was selected as pastor on September 4th.

Ed and his wife, Edie, married on July 6, 1968. They have two children, Chantelle (10/23/69) and Darby (10/24/70) and four grandchildren, Hannah (21), Alex (20), Katie (18), and Andy (12).

Senior Pastor